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In times of social distancing, the human “touch” is more important than ever

On a global economy, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic forced a major part of the economic activity to shut-down, bringing great consequences. Most of the citizens around the world have moved indoors for mandatory quarantine. As this is an unprecedented crisis, it is particularly hard for companies to anticipate what lies ahead.

Today, the pandemic has changed the way we work and do business. Due to the nature of the services, some companies were (are!) unable to work, others are ‘half-open’ but none is doing ‘business-as-usual’. To guarantee that Companies were able to continue, as much as possible, their work, VPN connections and other IT setups have been delivered at record speed. This shows how collaboration with expert third parties is a key element to face difficult times.


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This new paradigm goes beyond the mandatory use of personal protective equipment, teleworking and forced social distancing. On-demand talent to supplement the internal workforce is a way for companies to navigate the current crisis.



Xpandvertex provides top-shelf talent with expertise to help you find the right sourcing and guarantee your business thrives.

Our Business Outsourcing Services will let you focus on your core value proposition and focus on reshaping your business to this new normal while Xpandvertex will take care of some of your operational processes. Our Services cover back, middle, and front office processes while being cost-effective for companies. 

Our Consulting team can help you adapt to the new way business has to be done with strategic and innovative solutions.  

In times of forced social distancing, the human touch is more important than ever. Xpandvertex is here to help.


Keep safe!

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